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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
Dual ASB Brawler Gnosis
Dual ASB Brawler Gnosis Gnosis Special Edition Ships Jove
Punisher: FW Kiter
FW Kiter Punisher Standard Frigates Amarr
[SoloPvP] Poor Man's Slicer  - Beam Executioner
[SoloPvP] Poor Man's Sl Executioner Standard Frigates Amarr
Noob-Merlin:  Simple
Noob- Simple Merlin Standard Frigates Caldari

Shop: Deep Space Supply

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  • CCP Unveils DUST 514
    CCP Unveils DUST 514

    Our CEO Hilmar, speaking in a keynote at GDCE Europe earlier today, unveiled the first loo...

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Announcements & Contests

  • Infantry weapons
    Infantry weapons

    The handheld weapons are a key part of any MMOFPS and DUST 514 is no exception.  There w...

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  • CCP will charge for DUST514
    CCP will charge for DUST5...

    CCP’s has revealed that PS3 players will be required to pay a cover charge in order to play the game, although it will be refunded as in-game currency. Speaki ng in an interview with, CCP’s CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson said, “In the beginning you have to pre-buy credits, so you pay something like $10-$20 to enter the game and you get the equivalent number of credits in the game once you do that. We call this the ‘cover charge’.” You’re really getting the game for free but you have to pre-buy credits in the beginning. We might go fully free-to-play down the line, but in the beginning we have a cover charge just to manage the initial launch of it.” This seems fair enough, after all $10-$20 dollars probably won’t break the bank and if it makes the games launch better for all then who are we to complain? The PlayStation 3 exclusive, DUST 514 will interact with the PC’s EVE Online, with consequences for those playing the PC title based on what happens on the PS3 and vice-versa. The game will be paid for using in-game purchases and currency, which will make for an interesting experiment. So what do you think of the cover charge? Are you happy to pay this? Let us know.

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  • EON Magazine covers DUST
    EON Magazine covers DUST

    Our friends at EON are covering DUST in the new edition. Check it out!E-ON Issue #017 - Ou...

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  • New DUST screenshots!
    New DUST screenshots!

    The awesome PR department handed me some great new screenshots of DUST at Fanfest this yea...

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